1880 Mortality Schedule for Edwards                           
        Brown Township                  
Name of the deceased Family census number Age Sex Marital Status Birth Place Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace Occupation Month of death Length of residence in County Cause of death Physician's Report Race
Baker, David 60 55 Male Maried Ohio Ohio Ohio Farmer October 1 year Spinal Meningitus   White
Demain 19 Infant Female Single Kansas Belgium, Wisconsin ------ ------ December       White
Kelce, Mary 56 1 Female Single Pennsylvania Pennsylvania England ------ September       White
King, La Fayette 46 2 Male Single Indiana Indiana Indiana   June 1 year Erysipelas   White
Leslie, Mariah 73 34 Female Maried Iowa Pennsylvania Ohio     2 years Acute Metritis   White
Leslie (unknown) 70 stillborn Female Single Kansas Iowa Michigan           White
Rumsey, ? 44 ? Female Single Kansas New York New York   November   Cyanosis   White
Teylor, Edwin 37 ? Male Single Missouri Maryland Vermont   November   Unknown   White
Walter, Anna May 59 2 Female Single Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania   September 2/12 year Croup    
        Franklin & Wayne Township                  
Baker, Elma 74 1 Female   Kansas Indiana Illnois   July       White
Cross, Lee 109 1 Male   Kentucky Virginia Virginia   June 3/12 Year Cholera Infantum   White
Lagoe (Lagrone) 33 Infant Male   Kansas Illinois Illnois   December   unknown   White
Lown, Mary 100 40 Female Single New York New York New York Housekeeper February 2 years Consumption   White
Misener, Mary 99 6 Female   Illinois Ohio Illnois   June   Rattlesnake Bite   White
Smith, Henry 110 12-Jun Male   Kentucky Kentucky Virginia   March   Cholera Infantum   White
Sweeney, Anthony 5 2 Male   Ohio Ireland Ireland   July 6/12 year Rattlesnake Bite   White
        Jackson Township                  
Kile, Flora   22 Female Married Iowa     Housekeeper July 1/2 year Childbirth   White
Kile   Stillborn Female   Kansas Iowa Iowa   July       White
Pierce, Frances   12-Apr Female   Kansas       October   Teething   White
Walker, F.L.   25 Female Married Wisconsin Maine Wisconsin Housekeeper June 1 year Childbirth   White
        Kinsley Township                  
Falk 77 36 Female Married Prussia Prussia Prussia At Home January   Consumption   White
Fox, Matthias 41 13 Male Single Prussia Prussia Prussia At Home January 1 year Typhoid Fever   White
Hobbs, Jannie S 10 19 Female Single Massachuetts Massachuetts Massachuetts At home March   Inflammation of brain   White
No Name 13   Male Single Kansas Holstein Prussia   November   Miscarriage   White
No Name 106 Stillborn Male   Kansas Indiana Indiana   October       White
Pawins, David 15 63 Male Married Indiana Pennsylvania New York Farmer January 1 Year Gastric Fever   White
        City of Kinsley                  
Bradshaw, Philip 52 30 Male Married Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Hostler November   Fracture of skull   Black
Brier, Caroline 49 29 Female Married Prussia Prussia Prussia Housekeeper December 3 years Comsuption   White
Moore, Mary J 62 57 Female Married Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky   July   Asthma   Black
No Name 25   Male   Kansas Pennsylvania New Jersey   May   Miscarriage   White
No Name 95 12-Apr Male   Kansas Pennsylvania Ohio   December   Delicate birth   White
Parker, Lilla 28 12-Oct Female Single Kansas New Hampshire Vermont   July   Cerebro Spinal Fever   White
        Trenton Township                  
Norval, M.J. 40 43 Female Married Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Housekeeper   3 Year Cancer of Stomach   White
Poenchen, Wilson 20 12-Jun Male Single Kansas Pennsylvania New York   July   Brain Fever   White
Smith, Frances C 20 18 Female Single New York New York New York   September 2 year Typhoid Pneumonia   White
Smith John A 20 19 Male Single New York New York New York Farmer September 2 year Typhoid Pneumonia   White
Thaur, John T 2 27 Male Singe New York Prussia   Farmer May 4 year Consumption   White
Wilkes, Gloreana 15 20 Female Married Illinois     housekeeper October 2 year Typhoid fever   White