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School Records

Kinsley High School Yearbooks online (1912-1917,1920-1924, 1928, 1935-1937, 1939, 1947-2016)

Kinsley High School Alumni (1891-2011) roster

Offerle High School Alumni list (1918-1966)

Kinsley-Offerle Junior High and Offerle Grade Schools’ Yearbooks online (1966-1982)
      Online  Digital Index  for above yearbooks       

Lewis High School Alumni list

Edwards County Alumni list (Centerview, Trousdale, Fellsburg, Belpre, & some Macksville)

Search the card catalog for high school “annuals” from Edwards County Schools in the library collection.

Some Kinsley High School newspapers are in the library collection search “Breezes”


Rosetta Graff with the research help of Ed Carlson have put together an extensive vertical file on the people, businesses, places and events in Edwards county.  These have been entered into the Kinsley Library Card Catalog .  We are able to do quick searchers (as our time permits) for out-of-town people seeking specific information. Unfortunately, time does not permit us to do extensive research.  Microfilm searches are $1.00 each whether emailed or mailed USPO.    Photocopied print documents are 25 cents per page plus postage with a minimum fee of $1.