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Mobile Printing

Step One – Download and Install App

User needs to be on the public wireless (Library)
User will need to download and install appropriate print&scan app.

For iPad / iPhone go here:

For Android device go here:

Step Two – Register the Printer

Specifying a Device by its IP Address

  1. Make sure the MFP/Printer is selected in the app.
  2.  Tap Connect with NFC or Connect with Bluetooth.
  3.  Tap Add Machine
  4. Tap add by IP Address/Host Name
  5. Input either the IP address or the hostname c2003 with the keyboard displayed.
  6.  Tap OK or Search.
  7.  In the [Dev. Srch. Lt.] list, select the device you want to add.
  8. Tap [Add Devices].
  9. The device is added to the [Device] list.

Step Three – Ready to Use

Instructions for usage can be found here:

(Apple IOS)