Oral History Index


Oral Histories in the Kinsley Library Collection in alphabetical order and linked to webpage access.

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Agnew, Elwood                   Patterns of Change
Airgood, Dorothy                 Patterns of Change
Bagby, Marcia                     1965 Flood
Anderson, Beverly               Tractorcade
Arensman, Peggy                Tractorcade
Bartman, Kenneth               Patterns of Change
Brodbeck, Buford                 Patchwork of Dependency
Burkhart, Harold                  1965 Flood
Burr, Doug                           1965 Flood
Brodbeck, Buford                 1965 Flood
Butler, Leona                        Patterns of Change
Carlson, Maribel                   Patterns of Change
Carney, Kay                          Patchwork
Castaneda, Frank                 Patchwork
Coats, Bea                            Patchwork
Coats, Gordon                      Patchwork
Derley, Lester                       Tractorcade
Dill, Jay                                1965 Flood
Dupree, Kenny                     1965 Flood
Dupree, Kenny                     Patchwork
Fox, Mary                             Patterns of Change
Frame, Sally                         Patterns of Change
Froetschner, Cordelia           Patchwork
Gaines, Kenneth                   Patterns of Change
Gatterman, Norma                Patchwork
Gleason, Marty                    The Dust Bowl in Edwards County
Gleason, Melvin                   Rodeo Recollections
Gleason, Ronnie                  Rodeo
Gleason, Ronnie                  Rodeo Recollections
Gleason, Virginia                  Patterns of Change
Gleason, Virginia                 1965 Flood
Hattrup, Catherine               The Dust Bowl in Edwards County
Herrmann, Gilbert                Patchwork
Jensen, Earl                        The Dust Bowl in Edwards County
Jones, Dolores                    Tractorcade
Kallaus, Mary                       Patterns of Change
Kallaus, Robert                    Patterns of Change
Katz, Vernon
Kennedy, Norma                  Patterns of Change
Kersting, Jack                      Patterns of Change
Kersting, Marilyn                  Patterns of Change
Kindsvater, Dennis              Patterns of Change
King, Keith                           Patterns of Change
King, Marcile                        Patchwork
Kinsley 1965 Flood             Flood 1965
Lancaster, Wilma                Patchwork
Mathes, Susan                   1965 Flood
Mayhew, Donald & Betty    Patchwork
McBride, Earl                      Patchwork
McBride, Fern                     Patchwork
McKinney, Judi                   1965 Flood
McLean, Evelyn                  Patchwork
McLean, William                 Patchwork
Mead, Jack                         Patchwork
Mead, Jeff                           Tractorcade
Miller, Darrel                        The Dust Bowl in Edwards County
Miller, Darrel                        Rodeo Recollections
Miller, Darrel                        Tractorcade
Miller, Jack                           Patchwork
Miller, Karen                         Tractorcade
Mowrey, Jim                         The Dust Bowl in Edwards County
Mowrey, Jim                         1965 Flood
Mundhenke, Boyd                Patchwork
Negley, Thelma                    Patchwork
Newsom , Donna                 Patterns of Change
Offerle Flood 1965               1965 Flood
Olsen, Bill                             Patterns of Change
Parker, Welton                      Patchwork
Ploger, John                         1965 Flood
Rapp, Virginia                       Patchwork
Riisoe, John J                       Mosaic
Rincon, Pat                           Mosaic
Rodriguez, Carmen               Patterns of Change
Roenbaugh, Jake                  Patchwork
Ryan, Marvin                         1965 Flood
Scheufler, Edward                 Patchwork
Scheufler, Edward                Tractorcade
Scheufler, Marjory                Tractorcade
Scheufler, Paul                     Patchwork
Schinstock, Mary Ellen        Tractorcade
Schmidt, Jake                      The Dust Bowl in Edwards County
Schmitt, Charles                  The Dust Bowl in Edwards County
Schmitt, Charles                  1965 Flood
Schnoebelen, Margaret       Patterns of Change
Sparke, LeRoy                     Patterns of Change
Stack, Robert                       Patchwork
Stapleton, Jerry                   Tractorcade
Taylor, Cordelia                    Patchwork
Titus, Jean                           Patchwork
Titus, Jean                           Tractorcade
Tvrtkovic, Ivo                       Mosaic
Weidenheimer, Bob             Patchwork
Weidenheimer, Nancy         1965 Flood
Wheaton, Alvin                    Tractorcade  80
White, Emily                         Patterns of Change
Wolf, Jack                            Tractorcade
Woolard, Irene                     Patchwork