The Dust Bowl in Edwards County

Oral Histories exploring drought and the Dust Bowl Era

CLICK HERE for interviews conducted by USD 347 students
Earl Jensen, Dust Bowl Survivor  (12/10/1920 – 8/12/2016)
Marty Gleason, Changing farming practices 1930s to now
Darrel Miller, Drought and the 1950s
CLICK HERE Oral for Oral Histories conducted by the Kinsley Library
Catherine Hattrup  (10/25/1925 – 1/31/2020)
Jim Mowrey
Jake Schmidt (8/2/1931 – 1/9/2016)
Charles Schmitt

Dust Bowl Collection Resources includes:

Dust Bowl Connections Lesson Plan Ideas, Grades 1-6
Dust Bowl Connections Teacher Resources, Grades 1-6
(Includes Edwards County Oral History excerpts under Social Studies)
Dust Bowl and Depression Era Online Resources

Visit the Kinsley Library  2014 It Blew So Hard
online exhibit by clicking on links below: 

Rabbit Drives     Dust Pneumonia                 Surviving the Dirty Thirties

Shelter Belts      Grasshopper Plagues         Drought…a reoccurring problem

It Blew So Hard

Postcards from the Dust Bowl – 7th Grade Exhibit

Postcards from the Dust Bowl – 8th Grade Exhibit

Activity Pictures from Postcards from the Dust Bowl 

Dust Bowl Documentaries by KHC Students