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Bookwalk March 10

March 10 — A Walkabout On the Big Blue Marble

BOOKWALK focused on taking care of the Earth

Beta Sigma Phi — Iota Gamma Chapter prepared and served a delicious dinner of pigs-in-a-blanket, macaroni and cheese, carrots and cookies.  Everyone was here, and we had fun eating together.

After dinner, we went into the library where Miss Rosetta read us The Woman Who Outshone the Sun by Susan Jeffers.  It is a story from the  Zapotec people of Oaxaca, Mexico.  The village learns to be nice to everyone, even those who are not like us.  They also learn that we need to take care of the rivers and animals.

 Each family made a list of how people need water.  We put all of our ideas together for one big list which included: drinking, washing ourselves, brushing our teeth, washing our clothes, watering the crops, watering flowers, swimming, scuba diving, water skiing and skidooing, fishing, for animals to drink including otters,        for our aquariums, and so many more I can’t remember them all.

Then we went to Lucia Zentura (see her below on the right) and told her how important water was.  Miss Joan would like us to draw our own pictures about the story and bring it next week.  If we bring her a picture,  we will get a prize.

The second story Rosetta read was about an Indian Chief named Seattle.  The name of the book was Brother Eagle, Sister Sky by Susan Alejandro Cruz Martinez.  Chief Seattle also said we should take care of the earth,the air, the plants, the water, the animals, and each other.  There are hidden pictures in the illustrations.

Then we looked up our favorite animal in the on-line Worldbook-Kids Encyclopedia.  We got to print what the encyclopedia had written on it.  We can read about our animals at home.

 Finally, it was time to check out some more books to take home and read.  Rosetta also gave us a chart to keep track of how we are saving our environment.  We will put stars on it when we recycle cans, turn off lights,  pick up litter and other things.  If we bring our chart back to the library next week we will get a prize.