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Bookwalk March 24

March 24 – “Walking In Scary Places”

The evening began with sloppy joes and chips provided by Beta Sigma Phi Sorority — Xi Zeta Omega Chapter.

It is lots of fun eating together and making new friends.

The first book we read was Juan and the Chupacabras. It is a scary book as the Chupacabras is a flying, blood-sucking creatures that come out at night to get you.

The Native Americans believe that the web of a dreamcatcher keeps the bad dreams out, but good dreams are able to slide through a hole and down a feather into our heads. We each decorated a dreamcatcher with beads and a feathers to take home and hang above our beds.

We played a fun relay game where we had to run and stamp the date due into a book. The team that finished first was the winner.

The second book we read was another scary one entitled, El Cucuy. El cucuy is a boogeyman-type character that steals children and puts them in a cave. We decided we needed to be good or el cucuy would come and snatch us away. This turned out to be our most favorite book.