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Bookwalk March 31

March 31 — “Skywalking with Books”

BOOKWALK ended with a burger fry and kites.

     Before dinner, everyone helped the library staff evaluate the BOOKWALK program. 

The most favorite books were:  El Cucuy, Juan and the Chupacabras, and The Woman Who Outshone the Sun.

The most favorite activities were decorating a dreamcatcher, seeing my picture on the Internet, and running the Date Due Stamp Relay. Nearly everyone rated the library staff as very friendly, enthusiastic, creative, knowledgable, and organized.

The Kinsley Rotary Club fired up the charcoal and grilled delicious hamburgers and hotdogs.

We all lined up and had another wonderful meal together. It was Rylee’s birthday, and we sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

he last two books we read together were about kites. Lupita’s Papalote was about a girl who made a kite with her father. Angel’s Kite was about a boy who made a beautiful kite and magically got the village church bell back. They were both good books.

We made a video.  Each of us chose a favorite book, and then we told what it was and why we liked it.  You can see the video on YouTube. Everyone got a kite to take home.  Next weekend we will be sailing our kites and remembering the fun we had at BOOKWALK.

We are sorry BOOKWALK is over, but we all plan to visit the library and continue to take a walk with our imaginations through books.