Our Patch of Prairie Poets: Edwards County Lady Poets

“For there are more poets, painters, and pianists to the acre in Kinsley than any place west of Indiana.”

Hutchinson News, October 7, 1937

“Kinsley has a culture because the community was founded by cultured people.”

Cora G. Lewis, publisher of the Kinsley Graphic




Kinsley Women’s Club having breakfast alfresco at Meadowbrook on the banks of Coon Creek.

“The Arkansas valley ranks as the Fertile Crescent of Kansas poetry.”

Kenneth Porter, Southwestern College in Kansas Magazine

Our Patch of Prairie Poets presentation

This Power Point presentation shows images and information about the poets listed below.

Mary Williams Ward 
Nell Lewis Woods 
Cora Lewis
Ila Taylor Hann Haun Renrick
Ida C. Bostwick
Josephine Hills Boyd
Hazel Mosher Buxton
Cora Reed Dargatz
Alice Loring Humphrey Erwin
Charlotte Grace Niles Moffat