“Twelve Questions about the First Folio and Shakespeare’s Texts”

Presented by Clark Killion, Dodge City Community College


Tuesday, May 3
Noon to 1 p.m.

If you would like, bring a sack lunch and the library will provide the beverages.


killion_clark[1]“2016 marks the 400 anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.  As a writer, Shakespeare continues to command our attention.  We marvel at the beauty of his words, and gasp at the depth of his understanding of the human condition—but we are also, at times, confounded by what he wrote, and that, I think, comes from the conditions under which his plays were published.  Many different people were involved in the transcribing and printing of the plays.  Decisions about word choice, spelling and punctuation, even which lines to include, were made by a wide variety of people at many different phases of the publishing process.  The fact is, as a result, we do not know exactly what Shakespeare wrote.”