Women’s Suffrage in Edwards County

The ladies of Edwards County were involved in the women’s suffrage movement from the very beginning of settlement.  In 1894 they worked for the passage of the second referendum to give women the vote.  But like the first try, in 1867, it failed to pass.  On February 24, 1912, they formed the “Edwards County Suffrage Committee”  and worked  that year for passage.   The hard work of all the Kansas women paid off.  Kansas became the 7th state in the nation to grant women full voting rights, 8 years before the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed in 1920.  Kinsley Library Director Joan Weaver researched the local newspapers to create the posters listed below.


Edwards Country Suffrage Association  –  1912

Women’s Christian Temperance Union

Opposing View Points:  Kinsley Mercury  VS Kinsley Graphic 

Gilbert Lewis –  Witness to March 3, 1913 Washington, DC parade

Rena Milner, First Female City Manager in Kinsley and U.S. – 1928

Margaret Bachmann, Young Suffragist in Tennessee 









Gilbert Lewis watch the March 3, 1913 suffrage parade in Washington. D.C.