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The Library Blog features posts gleaned from the
many different local history resources in the library.

(Most recent listed first)
#28 & 29  Roads Provide a Way Through Hard Times
#27  Old Time Corn Husking Remembered
#26  Lady Coyote Basketball and RBG
#25  The Amazing Flying Machines
#24  A Little Coyote Football History
#22 & 23  From Sand Hill Plums to the Big Apple
#21 New Arrivals
#19 & 20  Getting to School
# 18  U.S. Census  Import Back Then and Now
#17 The Answer to the Question: “How Much Rain did you get?”
#16  An Honored Civil War Veteran
#13, #14, #15 Edwards County Fairs (3 parts)
#12  A Story from a Village in England
#9, #10, #11  Come on in!  The Water is Fine. (3 parts)
#8  Edwards County Men Support Women’s Suffrage
#7  Celebrating Memorial Day – 1900 Style
#6  F. C. Blanchard, His Kinsley House & Tribulations
#5  A Tale of a Forgotten Trail
#4 Poets on our Patch of Prairie
#3  Kinsley Library History
#2 Black Sunday
#1 The 1918 Influenza Pandemic

Another Successful Summer Reading Program

A BIG THANK YOU to all the participants and their adults who made the “Imagine” Summer Reading Program successful despite the challenges of these Covid-19 times.  We also appreciate the people and businesses who contributed to programming and rewards:
Rosetta Graff,  Kinsley Food Pride, Frazier Optometry, ADM,
Crystal Obee Dentistry, Kinsley Feeders, Romano’s Pizza,
Stacey’s Town Square, Pam Wetzel, Jeana Padgham,
Judy Huffmann, Ray Wetzel, Cheryl Proffitt, Melinda Habiger,
John Ploger, the Friends of the Kinsley Library and the library staff.


Many people have asked the question, “How did a commoner get to be Queen?’
Before the Fake News spreads, you can hear the true story in the queen’s own words .
Click here for the story of The Miller’s Daughter.

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